A lavender lemonade night...

I woke up this morning and asked myself same question for a million time "How can Istart my own blog again?" I do not like the idea of starting something but not really finishing it. It is like you do your left eyebrow make up and not finish the right one. When I start something, I will follow up and finish them completely. It's a thing of my personality.
Long time ago, I had a blog. Just to write about things I care like a trip, a food recipe, a song or simply a memory. When I moved from Vietnam to US to pursuit my master degree, I stopped writing. I was busy with a new life. I graduated, finished my internship and now looking for a job. During this time, I got a lot of travels around California, and even came back to my hometown in Vietnam with my family in-law. I got more experiences, more memories, more photos. I told my both mothers about my experiences and then, my mother-in-law encouraged me to write about them. I am not one hundred percent confident with my writing skill as English is not my first language and also, my major is not journalism either but I think it's worth to try again. Life is too short to overthink. So I decided to start today by writing about a new drink I'm obsessed named Lavender Lemonade at Plentea shop in SF.

(By the way, you can see my blog is a mix of bowl of things I love: fashion, beauty, food, travel, tech, movies, music, etc. I feel difficult to pick my favorite category to write about because I love so many stuffs. But that's me!)

I was at Plentea downtown SF on a fare-well dinner with my friends who will go back Cebu, Philippines next week. Usually, when I walk into a bubble tea shop, I will order classic drink (milk tea with boba) because believe me or not, all the tea shop will not mess up this basic recipe and you will not feel wasting your money by choosing wrong drink. I had it twice and it was good. Plus, they give you a cute glass jar a classic milk chubby bottle which you can keep it to decorate your place (I will write about it later in another blog). But finally I got out of my comfort zone and picked Lavender Lemonade ($5.75). I chat with the tea maker and he said it's a lavender sugar extract with lemonade and sparkling soda. All favorite flavors in one jar? To me it is a big yes! But still, I was skeptical about it, because this is a tea shop, why did I order something like Italian soda? My customer decision journey seemed not right. But I have a trust on my sixth sense. Turn out, it was the best order I have ever made with a drink. It was slightly sweet with lavender scent and lavender pulps (I am not sure how they call lavender flowers in a drink so I assume they are pulps?) and citrusy lemonade sparking soda. It is a calm, soothing soda feeling. My friend Nhung, even stole some sips of my drink. I finished my drink quickly and later at night, I found out that drink kept me sleep deeply. I doubt if it is really a magical drink like chamomile tea but it did make me sleep well. I will definitely come back Plentea just for this drink. Sorry classic boba tea, but I think you have a huge competitor.

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