Tory Burch strap flat shoes, a true classic...

I never write any reviews (on Amazon or any brands' websites) about shoes or bags or beauty products even I have same big love for them as I do with food. It's not because I don't like sharing my opinions but simply I was enjoying reading others' reviews and people already reviewed everything I wanted to write about. But this time will be something really new because this is the holiday gift I bought myself from I bought gifts for myself quite sometimes but I never buy anything from Tory Burch. This is a new brand and new product experiences to me, so let's jump right in this review story.
Why do I pick Tory Burch? 
I walked by their store every time I go shopping at Westfield San Francisco but never walked in. I always go shoes shopping on I have my favorite snickers from Saucony, Puma and flat shoes from Cole Hann. Yes, I do like Cole Hann flat shoes (the ones with the elastic band on the back to keep my foot not slipping out of the shoes); plus, they're really soft. But it will be another review on this blog. So, this Christmas sale, one of my friends in LA showed me her flat shoes from Tory Burch and I really like them. She said "you should buy and try them because the price is a real deal now. If you don't like them, you have free return at store or on mail". I was hooked. To be honest, I love anything on sale with a free return. I need something to make sure I will get my money back in case I get something I don't like. This time, I'll do it. It was 30% off plus, if I signed up letter I would have extra 10% off for the first product. Even I am not a genius in math, I still know this is a good deal. I could not be happier.
How do I pick these classic flats? 
Well, my friend bought flat without straps because her foot are better with shoes than mine. I like something with the strap or elastic band to keep my foot stable when walking. My size is 5.5 or 6 depends on the brand but I have narrow, skinny, and soft skin foot (I can have blisters within 2 hours if the shoes are too hard). If I don't have straps or elastic bands, I will be Cinderella sooner or later (only with the shoes part, of course). I saw these GEMINI LINK BOW ANKLE-STRAP FLAT and immediately love them. To me, they remind me of my mom's flats. They own classic look which never goes out of style. I grew up with my mom and her flats looked like these flats. I feel connected with them. I also totally love their elegant aesthetic. Simply black flat shoes, patent leather with gold metal-and-grosgrain ribbon ornament at toe. You can see this can be a dress up or dress down shoes. Jeans, pants, dresses, etc. are perfect for these shoes. Functionality and flexibility: yes, please. Here are the facts: I only wear snickers, flat boost, flat shoes in San Francisco. If you can wear high heels in SF for like 2-hour walking around, you absolutely will be my new idol.
What about the price?
The price originally is $250 plus, we have crazy tax in California. I use to think with $250 shoes, they should better stay with me like 5 years. But, when you have sales ($175 now), extra 10% off for signing up, free return and they fit your aesthetics, I'll say: "go for it".
Final thoughts?
I got them a week before jumping on the airplane back to my parents-in-law place for this holiday vacation and I walked around our place (on rugs) to break them in. They are patent leather and inside are Napa leather lining. They are incredibly soft. I only needed around 2 hours to break them in. My size is 5.5. They fit true-to-size amazingly. The toes is not that narrow, pretty round shape so they obviously save my toes. Some reviews say they need to go up 1/2 size but to me it's true to size.
I did not use them in 7-8 hours to notice how they feel on foot but I'm pretty sure when you have leather flat shoes like these, you don't have to worry about your foot (and your perfect outlook).