I lived in Fullerton, SoCal for a year, tried pursuing MBA but finally fell out of love with it. Moved to SF in 2013 and studied in AAU, which was one of my best decisions in my life. I found myself again in art, in advertising and in love. Sounds cheesy, but every thing did happen that way. I graduated from AAU with my Master Of Fine Art (MFA) in Advertising as a strategist in May 2016.

Now, after my internship, I'm still looking for a real job because like every body else, I need to pay the bill. 

Ready to read a personal story?

I was born in a needy family in Saigon, Vietnam in 1985. I grew up in a poor neighborhood among good and bad people. I learned my first life lessons from them. I'm the type of person, who people call "street smart". I'm never be an "academic intelligent" kind of type like everybody else I know. 

I had my own advertising company when I was 25, young, ambitious and workaholic. I worked as an account manager in 5 years. I got what I wanted but unexpectedly I lost a lot of precious moments in my life. After that, I changed to live slowly to experience, appreciate and feel.

I’m the second one leftie after my mom and the only artist among doctors, pharmacists, nurses and engineers in my family (yes, literally I'm a black sheep). 

I believe I’m a life-long learner. I'm intuitive, imaginative, sensitive, empathic, but very detailed-oriented, rational when it comes to vital decisions. Nurturing creativity and curiosity is my motto. I love beautiful, random imperfections.

My favorite question is “Why”. To me, the good way to find answers for questions is to use both head and heart. I am a young Strategist, an irreplaceable storyteller, a data-reader, a healer, and a person who ignites people in the Advertising field.

Thanks for reading my very... personal/ long story.