The one and only Chanel No.5 L’eau…

I’ve been collected perfume since I was 18 years old. My first perfume was Lancome Miracle. Later by later, my collection is getting bigger and everyone around me knows I’m addicted to them. Sometimes it’s not just about the famous perfume brand name, it’s all about memories, moments and feelings. There are a lot of memories and feelings coming back with me when I smell some signature fragrances like perfume I used on my first date with my husband or on our wedding day. Anyway, I found my signature scent at the moment recently when I got a sniff at Sephora. I want to find new perfume for Valentine’s day which is coming next week. I think there is nothing more classic than Chanel perfume, gifts, roses, and dinner date. I know, I’m pretty old-fashion. For you references, my favorite aroma notes usually have amber or musk or vanilla. Not particularly has to go with a lot of floral but must have these notes. There are 2 Chanel perfumes on my list: Chanel Noir and No.5 L’eau. But let’s talk about L’eau today. Noir will be saved for next post.


L’eau is definitely a day-time perfume, not too overwhelming. Imagine you walk into a meeting or having coffee with friends, people will notice your beautiful scent without feeling like they are standing next to a person who swims into perfume pool in hours. Here are some reviews:

§  First layer: rose and jasmine

§  Second layer: you can feel when the perfume settles down, you smell some other kinds of flowers or something else. I don’t know if it’s called ylang ylang or not but hopefully it is it.

§  Last layer: this is a very controversial feeling. On my body, I can smell soft cottony musk, not much cedar. I don’t know about cedar smell..but definitely it’s soft musk. Beautifully.

§  Pros: it makes me feel chic, young (I’m 31, well, not that young but just number right?), feminine, sweet with a good positive vibe. And I don’t need to mention about the typical perfect packaging of Chanel…though. I got some compliments when I had this L’eau on me. From my husband to a random girl and a guyI met at Starbucks.

§  Cons: according to other viewers on Sephora website, everyone complains about how quick it fades away on them. I think fragrance is very personal on different skin types and body chemistry. Like my skin is combo oily so it stays a bit longer (about 3 hours) and I have to spray it again. I bought 1.2oz (35ml) ($76+ tax at Sephora) so it’s not a problem carrying my perfume in my bag. Definitely If I use it every day, I have to re-buy it in 2 months, which means it will cost me a lot of money a small bottle. So save it for special days!

At the end of the day, it’s not about the brand, it’s about how you feel about that scent on you and how you create moments, feelings for people around you. To me, I always want to bring good vibes for them. Life is too short to bring negativity.