Timeless Jacqueline…

Well, when I found this Fossil watch on Amazon.com I was really delighted and shocked. Simply because my English nickname is Jacqueline (or Jackie). My real Vietnamese first name is Tram but everyone I know in US call me Jacqueline or Jackie. Long story shorts, a year ago when I was about to graduate from the master program, I wanted to find a graduation gift for myself. And it was always a watch as a first choice. I get this routine when I was 18, my dad gave me a Tissot women watch when I graduated high school (I am a lucky girl, I know). And then after college, I got myself another watch too. This time is the same idea, not the same brand because obviously, I don’t think I can spend the same money as my dad did. When I shared this idea with my husband, he said let him buy it for me as a special gift. I was over the moon. Thanks my husband for his kindness and generosity.

We had a hard time searching for a watch because I wanted it to be sophisticated, casual (to wear everyday) but also chic enough to look good with most of outfits (again, I know I’m that picky and annoying). I believe I have smallest wrists (for an adult), so the watch should not too bulky to look ridiculous on my slender wrists or people will think I’m wearing my husband’s watch. After considering between Citizen and Fossil, I decided to go with Fossil because frankly, the price is more affordable and realistic. I don’t need to buy too expensive watch to look professional and rich.

We found this baby on Amazon. I will describe her as “love at first sight”. After you read my requirement of a watch, you might think I would never find one but after 1 hour searching, I found her. She is so elegant with black leather band, classic round glass and Roman numeral indices. 36-mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window fits perfectly on my wrist. The watch does not make my wrist look weak or small. It is very sturdy and water resistant to 99ft. Of course, I don’t mind at all when they say “not suitable for swimming in the product description because I don’t know how to swim. Besides, who swims with a leather band watch, right? I think she is very classic and timeless. I feel it is pretty cute to say a watch, which tells you time, is timeless. And she has my nick name. There is something meant to be, right?

We paid $99 last year on Amazon.com and when I write this post, the price is still the same without prime shipping. When I put her on my wrist, she makes my outfit more “chic” and professional. I don’t usually wear a lot of rings or bracelets, just my wedding rings and sometimes a bracelet so she is more standout. She is light too, I don’t feel her heavy on my wrist or anything like that and the color is neutral so I can mix and match any outfits I want.


I know people more likely use their smartphones to check time rather than using a watch. I was like that until I found her. I feel more confident when I wear this watch. Not only it has sentimental meaning to me, but also it makes my outlook complete. 

Shop the watch here: https://goo.gl/mPU6A