Friday found: L’Oreal Volumnous Butterfly Intenza mascara & Revlon ultra HD gel lip color

Hi there,

A week ago, I stopped by Target to buy my trusty Celtaphil make up remover, I found my new favorite mascara and lipstick.

Let’s talk about the mascara first.

I don’t know about you but I’m a big fan of Lancome HYPNÔSE DOLL LASHES ($27.50) with a cone shape brush on the stick for 4 years. I try other high-end mascara but they don’t work on my typical Asian eyelashes (short and straight). Lancome Doll Lashes keeps my eyelashes in a very sexy, fanned out way for hours without irritating my sensitive eyes. Some mascaras make my eyes watery and smudgy. Besides, I’m saving money for traveling so that’s why I want to find a nice (cheaper) dupe of it from drugstore products. And fortunately, I found it. I thought about buying Maybelline because I once love their mascara when I was in college. But I saw this L’Oreal Volumnous Butterfly Intenza mascara ($7.99). I will call it Butterfly for short (it’s pretty cute name too). I never try any mascara from L’Oreal before. It is not because I don’t like it but as I mentioned above, I have a big commitment with Lancome for its efficiency and good for my sensitive eyes. I decided to buy this Butterfly mascara because even it does not have brush like Lancome one but it has cone shape rubber stick. I think I can check it on my mascara must-have list. The Butterfly mascara claims that it is clump-free and smudge-free with purpose of thickening and lengthening. So no water-proof. But I guess I don’t swim or “dancing in the rain” or go to the beach then it will be fine with me. The mascara does a good just like the Lancome one. I don’t use eyelashes curler ever (sounds crazy, right?) but I use Lancome primer mascara before applying mascara. So it’s the same every day step but this time is with the L’Oreal Butterfly one. It gives me exactly the same effect like the Lancome, no smudge, no clumps and easy to wipe off. I had bad experiences in the past removing mascara and also removed my eyelashes too (so horrible, it took forever for those poor lashes come back).

Next is about this cute lipstick.

I’m on the way to find a smooth hydrating lipstick with a peachy nude color. I know, I’m so specific on a lipstick but since it’s spring now, I think I should find a good nude lipstick (I’m always about pinky brown, dark red lipstick) to be the first peachy nude color in my lipstick collection. But I don’t know if the peachy tone fits my personality and my skin or not, so I don’t think I should buy high-end products like YSL or Tom Ford. I looked around and I saw Revlon HD Gel color lipstick ($6.79). It was the last lipstick on this color range name: 710 Dessert.  Since I saw this is the last one on the shelf, I think it must be a nice color since everyone buys it so quickly. Other colors are still a lot on the shelf, not this one. I like the packaging since it’s very sleek. You can see the color through the top of lid. The lipstick is scented, not too strong but it is there. Luckily, when you apply on the lips about 2 minutes, it fades away quickly. The color is very nice on my skin tone. I have light yellow undertone. It is very hydrating but not too super sticky or shiny. The photo I took is under natural sun light so you may think it’s shiny but it’s not. I can say the shiny texture is like a gel-texture. Just like the name of the lipstick. It is not super long-lasting lipstick but after a soup (I had soup for lunch), you have to apply again (I mean, it’s not matte lipstick so it will go off). The lipstick will stay on your lips about 3-4 hours if you just have a cup of tea or coffee. It makes my lips soft and hydrated. I think with the price and the quality of the lipstick, it is absolutely a bargain. I didn’t buy other colors because as I said, I only wanted to find peachy nude lipstick. Other colors are pretty too but I will try them in future. Here is the swatch and color on my lips. 

You can see the photo I use both mascara and this lipstick in this post.